ImageViewer Class Reference

Represents the main window of the program, providing a GUI. More...

#include <gui.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ImageViewer (QApplication &app, QTranslator &trans)
 Initializes the object to default settings.
virtual ~ImageViewer ()
 Only releases the modules.

Private Slots

Methods performing the actions
void read ()
void write ()
void compare ()
void settings ()
void encode ()
void save ()
void load ()
void clear ()
void iterate ()
void zoomInc ()
void zoomDec ()
void loadLang ()
void useLang (bool use)

Private Member Functions

void createActions ()
 Creates all actions and connects them to correct slots.
void createMenus ()
 Creates the menu bar and fills it with actions.
void translateUi ()
 Sets all texts in the application (uses current language).
void updateActions ()
 Updates the availability of all actions.
void changePixmap (const QPixmap &pixmap)
 Shows a new image.
bool rezoom ()
 Reloads the image, iterates and shows it (returns true on success).
QString lastDir ()
 Gets the path of the last used directory (from lastPath).

Private Attributes

 Module tree holding current settings.
 Module tree that's currently encoding or the last one.
int zoom
 The current zoom, see IRoot::fromStream.
std::string encData
 String containing (if nonempty) the last encoded/decoded data.
QTranslator & translator
 The application's only translator.
QLabel * imageLabel
 A pointer to the label showing images.
QAction readAct
QAction writeAct
QAction compareAct
QAction exitAct
QAction settingsAct
QAction encodeAct
QAction saveAct
QAction loadAct
QAction clearAct
QAction iterateAct
QAction zoomIncAct
QAction zoomDecAct
QAction loadLangAct
QAction useLangAct
QMenu imageMenu
QMenu compMenu
QMenu decompMenu
QMenu langMenu


class SettingsDialog
class EncodingProgress

Detailed Description

Represents the main window of the program, providing a GUI.

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