File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
batch.cpp [code]
debug.cpp [code]
debug.h [code]
fileUtil.h [code]
gui.cpp [code]
gui.h [code]
headers.h [code]
imageUtil.cpp [code]
imageUtil.h [code]
interfaces.cpp [code]
interfaces.h [code]
kdTree.h [code]Contains a generic implementation of static KD-trees balanced into a heap-like shape
main.cpp [code]
matrixUtil.h [code]
modules.cpp [code]
modules.h [code]
util.h [code]
modules/colorModel.cpp [code]
modules/colorModel.h [code]
modules/noPredictor.h [code]
modules/quadTree.cpp [code]
modules/quadTree.h [code]
modules/quality2SE.h [code]
modules/root.cpp [code]
modules/root.h [code]
modules/saupePredictor.cpp [code]
modules/saupePredictor.h [code]
modules/squarePixels.cpp [code]
modules/squarePixels.h [code]
modules/stdDomains.cpp [code]
modules/stdDomains.h [code]
modules/stdEncoder.cpp [code]
modules/stdEncoder.h [code]
modules/vliCodec.cpp [code]
modules/vliCodec.h [code]

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