Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
MatrixWalkers::AddMulCopy< T >An operator performing a= (b+toAdd)*toMul
MatrixWalkers::AddMulCopyTo2nd< T >Transformer performing an affine function
MatrixWalkers::AssignerA simple assigning operator - assigns its second argument into the first one
Quantizer::Average(De)Quantizer for range-block averages, only initializes QuantBase correctly
BitReaderStream bit-reader - automated buffer for reading single bits
BitWriterStream bit-writer - automated buffer for writing single bits
BlockA simple structure representing a rectangle
MatrixWalkers::Checked< T, I >Checked_ iterator for a rectangle in a matrix, no rotation
MatrixWalkers::CheckedImage< T, U >Checked_ iterator for a whole QImage; no rotation, but always transposed
Quantizer::Deviation(De)Quantizer for range-block deviations, only initializes QuantBase correctly
MatrixWalkers::DiamShrinker< T, I >Matrix iterator performing a shrink of a diamond (rotated sub-square) into a square, decreasing the area of used pixels to 50%
DoubleNum< Num >Helper structure for computing with value and squared sums at once
EncodingProgressA dialog showing encoding progress
EncodingProgress::EncodingProgress::EncThreadEncoding-thread type
FileClassifierA functor providing filename classification into one of FileClassifier::FileType
Float2int< power, R >Struct for conversion between 0-1 Real and 0-(2^power-1) integer
MatrixWalkers::HalfShrinker< T, I >Matrix iterator performing a 2x2 to 1 shrink
MatrixWalkers::HalfShrinkerMul< T, I, R >Similar to HalfShrinker, but instead of multiplying the sums with 0.25 it uses an arbitrary number
MatrixWalkers::HorizShrinker< T, I >Matrix iterator performing a 3x3 to 1x2 shrink
IColorTransformerInterface for modules performing color transformations, following modules always work with single-color (greyscale) images
IColorTransformer::IColorTransformer::PlaneRepresents a one-color image, together with some setttings
IIntCodecInteger sequences (de)coder interface
ImageViewerRepresents the main window of the program, providing a GUI
NOSPACE::IndexComparator< T >Compares vectors (given by their indices) according to a given coordinate
Interface< Iface >A base class for all interfaces, parametrized by the interface's type
IQuality2SEInterface for modules deciding how the max. SE will depend on block size (parametrized by quality)
IRootInterface for root modules (with only one implementation MRoot), all modules are always owned (either directly or indirectly) by one of this type
IShapeTransformerInterface for modules handling pixel-shape changes and/or splitting the single-color planes into independently processed parts
ISquareDomainsInterface for modules deciding what will square domain blocks look like
ISquareEncoderInterface for square encoders - maintaining mappings from square domains to square ranges
ISquareEncoder::ISquareEncoder::LevelPoolInfoUsed by encoders, represents information about a domain pool on a level
ISquareRangesInterface for modules that control how the image will be split into rectangular (mostly square) range blocks
ISquareRanges::ISquareRanges::RangeNode::ISquareRanges::RangeNode::EncoderDataA common base type for data stored by encoders
IStdEncPredictorInterface for domain-range mapping predictor generator for MStdEncoder
IStdEncPredictor::IStdEncPredictor::IOneRangePredictorInterface for objects that predict domains for a concrete range block
IStdEncPredictor::IStdEncPredictor::PredictionContains information about one predicted domain block
KDBuilder< T >Derived type used to construct KDTree instances (makeTree static method)
KDBuilder< T >::KDBuilder::BoundsExpanderExpands a valid bounding box to contain a point (one coordinate at once)
KDBuilder< T >::KDBuilder::NewBoundsCreates bounds containing one value
KDTree< T >A generic static KD-tree
KDTree< T >::KDTree::NodeRepresents one node of the KD-tree
KDTree< T >::KDTree::PointHeapPerforms a nearest-neighbour search by managing a heap from nodes of a KDTree
KDTree< T >::KDTree::PointHeap::KDTree::PointHeap::HeapNodeOne element of the heap representing a node in the KDTree kd
KDTree< T >::KDTree::PointHeap::KDTree::PointHeap::HeapOrderDefines the order of heap - ascending according to getSE
MatrixSlice< T, I >A simple generic template for matrices of fixed size, uses shallow copying and manual memory management
MatrixSummer< T, I >MatrixSummer objects store partial sums of a matrix, allowing quick computation of sum of any rectangle in the matrix
NOSPACE::MaxDiffCoord< T >Finds the longest coordinate of a bounding box, only to be used in for_each calls
MColorModelSimple color transformer for affine models
MDifferentialVLICodecVariable-length-integer codec optimized for encoding little-changing sequences
MNoPredictorPredictor that doesn't predict, just tries all the domains
MNoPredictor::MNoPredictor::OneRangePredictorPredictor class returned when calling newPredictor
  • returns all domains in all rotations in one chunk
ModuleA common base class for all modules
Module::Module::SettingItemRepresents one setting value in a module
Module::Module::SettingTypeRepresents the type of one module's setting - without label and description
Module::Module::SettingTypeItemRepresents the type of one setting - including label, description, etc
Module::Module::SettingValueRepresents one setting - one number, real or integer
Module::Module::TypeInfoInformation about one module-type
ModuleFactoryA singleton factory class for creating modules
FieldMath::NOSPACE::MoveToBounds< T, CheckNaNs >A helper transforming structure, only to be used in moveToBounds_copy
MQuadTreeModule dividing range blocks with a quad-tree
MQuadTree::MQuadTree::NodeClass used for tree nodes in the quad-tree structure
MQuadTree::MQuadTree::NodeExtremesStruct for computing (acts as a functor) and storing max. and min
MQuality2SE_altAlternate quality-to-SE module - uses fixed MSE for all block sizes
MQuality2SE_stdStandard quality-to-SE module - uses fixed SE for all block sizes
MRootThe root module implementation
MSaupePredictorPredictor for MStdEncoder based on a theorem proven in Saupe's work
MSaupePredictor::MSaupePredictor::OneRangePredictorImplementation of the one-range-predictor from IStdEncPredictor interface
MSaupePredictor::MSaupePredictor::OneRangePredictor::MSaupePredictor::OneRangePredictor::HeapInfoStruct representing one node of the KD-tree and its distance form the range block
MSaupePredictor::MSaupePredictor::OneRangePredictor::MSaupePredictor::OneRangePredictor::SEnormalizatorA convertor from SE in regular space to SE in normalized space
MSquarePixelsA simple shape transformer using square pixels
MStdDomainsStandard domain-pool generator
MStdEncoderStandard square encoder - uses affine color transformation for one-domain to one-range mappings
MStdEncoder::MStdEncoder::EncodingInfoStructure constructed for a range to try domains
MStdEncoder::MStdEncoder::RangeInfoStores information about a range's mapping, to be pointed by ISquareRanges::RangeNode.encoderData
MatrixWalkers::MulAddCopyChecked< T >An operator performing a= b*toMul+toAdd and moving the result into [min,max] bounds
MultiDeleterTemplate object for automated deletion of field pointers (useful in for_each)
NonConstType< T >Type convertor - NonConstType<T>::Result is a non-const variant of T or T itself if N/A
MatrixWalkers::OperatorBaseA convenience base type for operators to use with walkOperate()
MTypes::PlaneBlockRepresents a rectangular piece of single-color image to be encoded/decoded
MatrixWalkers::RDSummer< TOut, TIn >An operator computing the sum of products
MatrixWalkers::ReverseAssignerA simple assigning operator - assigns its second argument into the first one
MatrixWalkers::RotationPerforms manipulations with rotation codes 0-7 (dihedral group of order eight)
MatrixWalkers::Rotation_0< T, I >No rotation: x->, y->
MatrixWalkers::Rotation_0_T< T, I >No rotation, transposed: y->, x->
MatrixWalkers::Rotation_1< T, I >Rotated 90deg\
MatrixWalkers::Rotation_1_T< T, I >Rotated 90deg\
MatrixWalkers::Rotation_2< T, I >Rotated 180deg\
MatrixWalkers::Rotation_2_T< T, I >Rotated 180deg\
MatrixWalkers::Rotation_3< T, I >Rotated 270deg\
MatrixWalkers::Rotation_3_T< T, I >Rotated 270deg\
MatrixWalkers::RotBase< T, I >Base structure for walkers
SettingsDialogRepresents the encoding-settings dialog
SignalChangerConverts signals from various types of widgets
MatrixWalkers::SignChangerTransformer performing sign change
SingleDeleterTemplate object for automated deletion of pointers (useful in for_each)
SummedMatrix< SumT, PixT, I >Structure for a block of pixels - also contains summers and dimensions
MatrixWalkers::SumWalker< SumT, PixT, I >Walker that iterates over rectangles in a matrix and returns their sums, to be constructed by makeSumWalker
UpdateInfoStructure providing support for progress update and interruption (used for encoding)
MatrixWalkers::VertShrinker< T, I >Matrix iterator performing a 3x3 to 2x1 shrink
VLIVariable Length Integer - smaller integers are stored in fewer bits
VLI::VLI::TypeData type for storing VLI

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