KDTree< T > Class Template Reference

A generic static KD-tree. More...

#include <kdTree.h>

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struct  Node
 Represents one node of the KD-tree. More...
class  PointHeap
 Performs a nearest-neighbour search by managing a heap from nodes of a KDTree. More...

Public Member Functions

 ~KDTree ()
 Only frees the memory.

Public Attributes

const int depth
 The depth of the tree = log2ceil(::count).
const int length
 The length of the vectors.
const int count
 The number of the vectors.

Protected Member Functions

 KDTree (int length_, int count_)
 Prepares to build a new KD-tree from count_ vectors of length_ elements.
 KDTree (KDTree &other)
 Copy constructor with moving semantics (destroys its argument).
int leafID2dataID (int leafID) const
 Takes an index of a "leaf" node (past the end of nodes) and returns the appropriate data ID.

Protected Attributes

 The array of the tree-nodes (heap-like topology of the tree).
int * dataIDs
 Data IDs for children of "leaf" nodes.
Bounds bounds
 The bounding box for all the data.


class KDBuilder< T >

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class KDTree< T >

A generic static KD-tree.

Construction is done by KDBuilder::makeTree static method. The searching for nearest neighbours is performed by the PointHeap subclass.

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