modules/stdEncoder.cpp File Reference

#include <memory>
#include "stdEncoder.h"
#include "../fileUtil.h"

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class  Quantizer::Average
 (De)Quantizer for range-block averages, only initializes QuantBase correctly More...
class  Quantizer::Deviation
 (De)Quantizer for range-block deviations, only initializes QuantBase correctly More...
struct  MStdEncoder::MStdEncoder::EncodingInfo
 Structure constructed for a range to try domains. More...


namespace  Quantizer
 Quantizing stuff used by MStdEncoder.


int Quantizer::quantizeByPower (Real f, int scale, int possib)
 Quantizes f that belongs to [0,possib/2^scale] into [0,possib-1].
Real Quantizer::dequantizeByPower (int i, int scale, int possib)
 Performs the opposite to quantizeByPower.
static Block adjustDomainForIncompleteRange (Block range, int rotation, Block domain)
 Adjust block of a domain to be mapped equally on an incomplete range (depends on rotation).

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