IIntCodec Struct Reference
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Integer sequences (de)coder interface. More...

#include <interfaces.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void setPossibilities (int possib)=0
 Sets the number of possible symbols to work with from now on data: [0,possib-1].
virtual void encode (std::vector< int > &data, std::ostream &file)=0
 Codes data and sends them into a stream.
virtual void decode (std::istream &file, int count, std::vector< int > &data)=0
 Reads count symbols from file, decodes them and fills in data.
virtual void writeSettings (std::ostream &file)=0
 Write all settings needed (doesn't include possibilities set).
virtual void readSettings (std::istream &file)=0
 Read all settings needed (doesn't include possibilities set).

Detailed Description

Integer sequences (de)coder interface.

Definition at line 427 of file interfaces.h.

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