MStdEncoder::MStdEncoder::EncodingInfo Struct Reference

Structure constructed for a range to try domains. More...

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Public Types

typedef bool(EncodingInfo::* ExactCompareProc )(Prediction prediction)
 The type for exact-comparing methods.

Public Member Functions

 EncodingInfo ()
 Only nulls selectedProc.
RangeInfoinitRangeInfo (RangeInfo *ri) const
 Initializes a RangeInfo object from this.
void selectExactCompareProc ()
 Selects the right comparing method according to stable.
bool exactCompare (Prediction prediction)
 Uses the selected comparing method.

Public Attributes

StableInfo stable
 Information only depending on the range (and not domain) block.
BestInfo best
 Information about the best (at the moment) mapping found.
float targetSE
 The target SE (square error) for the range.

Private Member Functions

template<bool quantErrors, bool allowInversion, bool isRegular, bool restrictMaxLinCoeff, bool bigScalePenalty>
bool exactCompareProc (Prediction prediction)
 Template for all the comparing methods.

Private Attributes

ExactCompareProc selectedProc
 Selected comparing method.

Static Private Attributes

static const ExactCompareProc exactCompareArray [] = {ALTERNATE_5(&MStdEncoder::EncodingInfo::exactCompareProc)}
 Possible comparing methods.

Detailed Description

Structure constructed for a range to try domains.

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