EncodingProgress Class Reference

A dialog showing encoding progress. More...

#include <gui.h>

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class  EncThread
 Encoding-thread type. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void create (ImageViewer *parent)
 Creates the dialog and starts encoding.
static IRootdestroy (int &elapsed)
 Collects results and destroys the dialog.

Private Slots

void setTerminate ()
 Slot for catching cancel-pressed signal.
void update ()
 Updating slot - called regularly by a timer.

Private Member Functions

 EncodingProgress (ImageViewer *parent)
 Creates and initializes the dialog.
 ~EncodingProgress ()
 Only zeroes instance.

Static Private Member Functions

static void incMaxProgress (int increment)
 Sets the maximum progress (the value corresponding to 100%).
static void incProgress (int increment)
 Increase the progress by a value.

Private Attributes

bool terminate
 Value indicating whether the encoding should be interrupted.
int progress
 The progress of the encoding - "the number of pixels encoded".
int maxProgress
 The maximum value of progress.
 The encoding modules.
UpdateInfo updateInfo
 UpdateInfo passed to encoding modules.
QTimer updateTimer
 Updates the dialog regularly.
QTime encTime
 Measures encoding time.
EncThread encThread
 The encoding thread.

Static Private Attributes

static EncodingProgressinstance = 0
 Pointer to the single instance of the class.

Detailed Description

A dialog showing encoding progress.

Definition at line 189 of file gui.h.

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