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Predictor for MStdEncoder based on a theorem proven in Saupe's work. More...

#include <saupePredictor.h>

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class  OneRangePredictor
 Implementation of the one-range-predictor from IStdEncPredictor interface. More...

Public Types

typedef float KDReal
 The floating point type used in the KD-tree.
typedef KDTree< KDRealTree
 The version of KDTree in use.

Public Member Functions

IStdEncPredictor interface
IOneRangePredictornewPredictor (const NewPredictorData &data)
 Creates a predictor (passing the ownership) for a range block.
void cleanUp ()
 Releases common resources (to be called when encoding is complete).

Protected Types

enum  Settings
 Indices for settings.

Protected Member Functions

Real maxPredCoeff ()
 maxPredCoeff() * "the number of domains" == "max. number of predictions"
 ~MSaupePredictor ()
 Only call cleanUp.
int getPredLevel (int) const
 Computes the level for predictions based on the actual level.
TreecreateTree (const NewPredictorData &data)
 Builds a new tree for one level of range blocks using passed domain blocks.

Static Protected Member Functions

static void refineDomain (const SummedPixels &pixMatrix, int x0, int y0, bool allowInversion, int realLevel, int predLevel, SReal *pixelResult)
 Normalizes and possibly shrinks a domain block.
static void refineRange (const NewPredictorData &data, int predLevel, SReal *pixelResult)
 Normalizes and possibly shrinks a range block.

Protected Attributes

std::vector< Tree * > levelTrees
 The predicting Tree for every level (can be missing).

Detailed Description

Predictor for MStdEncoder based on a theorem proven in Saupe's work.

It resizes the blocks to 4x4 and normalizes them. Domains for every level are stored in a KDTree instance and searched. The user can set the size of returned chunks of the blocks and the maximal part of domains returned.

Definition at line 13 of file saupePredictor.h.

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